Misdemeanor Offenses

Criminal Defense Work with a well-experienced criminal defense lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected during legal disputes. Many people tend to brush off a misdemeanor offense as not being serious. It’s true that misdemeanors are considered less serious than felonies, but they’re also nonetheless serious. While misdemeanor charges don’t immediately result in imprisonment—in […]

Juvenile Cases

Criminal Defense Preserve the freedom and future of your child through effective legal support. While experimenting with life is part of being a teenager, one grave mistake can jeopardize one’s future—education, relationships, and career opportunities. Juvenile conviction is common in Colorado, and it causes a lot of fear, tension, and confusion for the families involved. […]


Criminal Defense Get a strong legal ally in your corner by calling Snowmass Law for top-notch counsel and aggressive representation. Harassment is one of the broadest charges a person could face in the Centennial State. It’s often used against individuals when the district attorney or police can’t find other criminal offenses to pursue. While many […]


Criminal Defense Build a strong defense against felonies by relying on our experienced criminal defense attorney. Some crimes are considered more severe than others, especially in the eyes of the law. Felony is one of them. It’s the most serious crime one can be charged with. Unlike petty offenses and misdemeanors, it is reserved mainly […]

Driving Charges

Criminal Defense Resolve your driving violations with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Driving violations, for some, are not a big issue. After getting a ticket, they just pay and move on with their lives. However, that doesn’t work all the time. For some people, driving violations may cause a host of problems, […]

Domestic Violence

Criminal Defense Get a strong legal defense against domestic violence charges by hiring a criminal defense attorney. An arrest for domestic violence can adversely affect your freedom, employment opportunities, and even your right to be with your children. While law enforcement intervention is required for domestic violence cases to proceed, processes are often fast-tracked, letting […]

Sexual Assault

Criminal Defense Build a strong defense against the most serious criminal cases. Convictions for sexual assault, unlawful sexual touching or rape, are potentially the most destructive life events. Sex crimes can lead to severe penalties with life-changing repercussions—from the possibility of life time prison sentences to court orders to social stigma due to being registered […]

Drug Offenses

Criminal Defense Build a strong defense against drug charges with the help of our experienced criminal defense lawyer. Possessing even a small amount of controlled substances, such as methamphetamine, prescription drugs, marijuana, or cocaine, may result in lengthy incarceration. Jail, prison, heavy fines, and mandatory drug rehabilitation can severely impact one’s ability to obtain schooling, […]


Criminal Defense Get top-notch counsel and aggressive legal representation from Snowmass Law. Being accused of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs can be a terrifying experience. It can affect almost every aspect of your life—your financial well-being and freedom could be put at stake, and your relationships and job opportunities could be strained. […]