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Arnie Mordkin, Snowmass Law has been fighting for fairness and protecting the rights of the criminally accused for over 20 years.

Facing criminal charges, no matter the severity can be devastating. In a moment’s indiscretion, you might find yourself losing the ability to put the pieces of your life back together. Everything—from your finances, relationships, and your future wellbeing—could be put on the line.

Navigating the criminal justice system with the risk of being behind bars, can be challenging and emotionally draining. During these times, you will need a strong ally and powerful legal representation committed to protecting your rights, no matter the circumstances.

Who We Are

Snowmass Law is a trusted law firm that provides exceptional legal counsel, support, and representation to all clients who have been wrongly and unfairly accused of committing criminal offenses. Our sole practitioner and founding criminal defense attorney in the Roaring Fork Valley, Arnold (Arnie) P. Mordkin, has years of experience handling the most serious cases and delivering the best possible results.

Arnie is passionate about serving the community and safeguarding the future of his clients by crafting the most effective and strongest strategy for defense. His extensive familiarity and experience in accurate legal representation makes him the perfect choice for all your legal needs. With his knowledge of the ever-changing laws and statutes, you’re sure to come out on top.

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Our Practice Areas

Our award-winning criminal defense attorney in the Roaring Fork Valley can help with all criminal offenses, including:

Criminal Defense


Criminal Defense

Drug Offenses

Criminal Defense

Sexual Assault

Criminal Defense

Domestic Violence

Criminal Defense

Driving Charges

Criminal Defense


Criminal Defense


Criminal Defense

Juvenile Cases

Criminal Defense

Misdemeanor Offenses

Protecting Your Rights Every Step of The Way

At Snowmass Law, we believe that the outcome of any criminal case depends on the skill and experience of your legal counsel. For this reason, we give our full attention to every case we receive and do our best to get everything resolved promptly. As one of the law firms that focus on the right processes, we:

Listen to Your Story

Our highest priority is understanding your needs and shedding light on the full picture of your experience. We will listen to your story and make sure that even the tiniest detail will not be left out.

Study Your Case

Our superior investigative skills allow us to ferret out critical information regarding your case. Armed with these key details and our extensive knowledge of the local courts, we ensure that we'll provide you with the strongest defense.

Defend Your Rights

As one of the most trusted and experienced criminal defense attorneys in the Roaring Fork Valley, we work persistently to help you avoid jail, prison, and conviction as well as minimize the collateral consequences of the charges filed against you.

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