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Some crimes are considered more severe than others, especially in the eyes of the law. Felony is one of them. It’s the most serious crime one can be charged with. Unlike petty offenses and misdemeanors, it is reserved mainly for the more dangerous and harmful criminal acts, which carry heavier penalties and lengthier prison sentences that do not stop at one year.

Beyond hefty fines and long-term jail time, being convicted or even accused of felony crimes may also lead to revocation of some of the most fundamental rights, including access to quality education, housing, employment, and even the right to apply for federal assistance. This means that a person’s world can change for the worst if one fails to enlist help from a competent defense attorney.

Snowmass Law provides top-notch legal support for those charged and/or convicted of felony crimes. No matter the circumstances, we treat everyone with respect. We will listen to your side of the story and approach your case with a focus on advocacy and compassion. With our extensive experience and knowledge of the trial court, we craft the strongest defense to fight for your rights and counter the prosecution.

Facing Felony Charges in Colorado

Felony charges can be detrimental to the accused’s personal, social, and professional lives. Each day that passes without proper representation could leave them with fewer and fewer options for defense. If you are accused of felony crimes, you must act quickly and determine your legal options immediately.

Under the state of Colorado’s Law, felonies are categorized into six levels based on the severity and frequency of the charges. These six classes are associated with sentences and fines, such as the following:

Felony Class Prison Sentence Fines Mandatory Parole
Class 1 Lifetime Imprisonment No Fines No Parole
Class 2 8 to 24 years $5,000 to $1,000,000 5 years
Class 3 4 to 12 years $3,000 to $750,000 5 years
Class 4 2 to 6 years $2,000 to $500,000 2 years
Class 5 1 to 3 years $1,000 to $100,000 2 years
Class 6 12 to 18 months $1,000 to $100,000 1 years

On top of sentences and fines, individuals convicted of a felony may also be restricted to:

  • apply for licensures as a peace officer, lawyer, or educator;
  • purchase, possess, or carry firearms;
  • practice as a legal officer, lawyer, and paralegal;
  • apply for federal assistance; and
  • hold any office in the United States Government.

However, not all felony charges lead to incarceration. With the expertise and knowledge of a reputable legal litigator, charges can be reduced to a misdemeanor or, in some cases, be dismissed. Under the law, alternatives to prison can include probation, community corrections, deferred prosecution, and mandatory counseling.

Fighting Felony Charges

With the severity of felony crimes, an accused person should always seek immediate help from an experienced criminal defense attorney to avoid irredeemably impairing their case and/or quality of life. A criminal defense attorney can determine the best legal defense to contest any charge. Common defenses used to challenge felony include:

  • the victim’s consent;
  • the alibi that the defendant was somewhere else when the crime happened;
  • act of self-defense or defense of others;
  • inconsistencies and errors in accusations; and
  • violation of constitutional rights.

How Snowmass Law Protects Your Rights

The key to facing felony charges is having a capable legal advocate by your side. At Snowmass Law, we understand what is at stake for you and your future when it comes to being convicted of a felony. Our principal attorney, Arnie Mordkin, is always ready to fight for your rights and pursue your case with grit.

We have handled numerous types of felony charges, from sexual assault and prostitution to homicide, theft and drug crimes. We thoroughly examine all evidence and relevant facts to mount the perfect defense to help minimize your penalties or even dismiss your charges. We act promptly to ensure that you are provided with the best defense.

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