Domestic Violence

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Get a strong legal defense against domestic violence charges by hiring a criminal defense attorney.

An arrest for domestic violence can adversely affect your freedom, employment opportunities, and even your right to be with your children. While law enforcement intervention is required for domestic violence cases to proceed, processes are often fast-tracked, letting innocent people be charged with serious crimes even without proper legal guidance.

At Snowmass Law, we understand that domestic violence is a sensitive issue, and both victims and defendants can be misrepresented in court. For this reason, we work hard to protect those who are wrongly accused of committing domestic violence. Through top-notch counsel and representation, we help them secure their lives against baseless and unfair allegations.

We have handled numerous domestic violence cases and have extensive experience in developing the strongest defensive strategy to obtain favorable outcomes for our clients. When you work with our criminal defense attorney, we will ensure you are provided with aggressive and effective legal representation to protect your rights and reputation.

Facing Domestic Violence Charges in Colorado

In Colorado, domestic violence is not a separate standalone crime. However, it is a sentence enhancer for other crimes. In Colorado, a person convicted of a crime involving domestic violence may be punished severely.

1. Felony Charges

Domestic violence that involves aggravated assault is considered a felony and carries the most serious charge. A felony charge can result in 1 ½ to 24 years of prison time and a fine ranging from $5,000 to $1,000,000. In addition to lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines, defendants may also face penalties, such as:

  • restrictions on possessing firearms;
  • restraining orders;
  • domestic violence or other counseling; 
  • treatment programs for domestic violence; and
  • domestic violence offender status.

2. Misdemeanor Charges

Accusations of domestic violence are common in Colorado, and most crimes classified as domestic violence are misdemeanors. This type of offense is punishable by up to one year in prison and/or a fine of up to $1000.

Defenses for Domestic Violence Charges

As with all criminal cases, the best way to protect oneself from domestic violence is by arguing against it. With the skills and knowledge of a criminal lawyer, defendants can receive the best possible defense for their specific case. They can argue that:

  • The incident of domestic violence is only an act of self-defense or defense of others.
  • They are being falsely accused of domestic violence.
  • They are not involved or present in the alleged incident.
  • There is not enough evidence, or the evidence does not add up to prove the accusation.

How Snowmass Law Protects Your Rights

At Snowmass Law, we recognize the significance of the presumption of innocence. We treat our clients fairly and without judgment and fight in and out of court to protect the rights, freedom, and reputation of the criminally accused.

Having represented both men and women charged with domestic violence, we stand by our clients’ side in every phase of the proceeding. We will review your case and subsequently develop a sound legal strategy to defend your rights.

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