About Snowmass Law

Snowmass Law provides top-notch counsel and aggressive legal representation for clients charged with criminal offenses.

Snowmass Law is a trusted law firm based in Snowmass Village, CO, and the entire Valley. We have extensive experience in providing legal counsel and representation for clients charged with criminal offenses from DUI, harassment, sexual assault, to homicide. Our history and reputation for successful litigation speak for themselves.

We serve a wide range of clientele, and we greatly value every client relationship. Every defendant seeking legal help from us benefits from the breadth and depth of our expertise. No matter the circumstance and the charge, you can expect our dedicated criminal defense attorney to fight for you and your rights.

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Why We Started

We believe that everyone accused of committing criminal activity has the right to be protected and represented in court, and it’s for this reason that we provide you with access to exceptional legal services.

Arnie Mordkin, our criminal defense attorney, ensures that we provide consistent, top-notch counsel and representation. We understand that we have a social responsibility for the quality of justice, so we fight for our clients’ rights and represent them in court.

Why Choose Snowmass Law

At Snowmass Law, we fight for your rights, regardless of the charges. Our previous clients have repeatedly turned to us for counsel and representation, and that goes to show that we value every client. We understand that charges and accusations can affect your life in huge ways, so we’re here to help.

Here’s why we are the best ones to defend you against criminal charges:

We serve as your guide.

There are various ways in which a criminal case can be resolved. Our well-experienced criminal defense attorney will serve as your guide. We will help you navigate the criminal justice system.

We have superior investigative abilities.

We spend time going through all the evidence pertaining to the charges. We will investigate the accusation, find expert witnesses, and gather additional evidence that can increase the chances of a not-guilty verdict.

We build strong defenses.

Without strong defenses, it's likely that the case will go to trial. With our extensive knowledge of the laws and statutes, we leave no stone unturned to achieve a favorable settlement, or a win at trial. You can rely on us to present your side of the story and a persuasive argument before the court and jury.

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