Drug Offenses

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Build a strong defense against drug charges with the help of our experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Possessing even a small amount of controlled substances, such as methamphetamine, prescription drugs, marijuana, or cocaine, may result in lengthy incarceration. Jail, prison, heavy fines, and mandatory drug rehabilitation can severely impact one’s ability to obtain schooling, housing, and employment.

If you’re charged with a felony or misdemeanor for drug crimes, your best chance at freedom is hinged on the skills and knowledge of your criminal defense attorney. With their effective and solid legal representation, drug offenses charged against you can be reduced or even dropped altogether.

At Snowmass Law, our principal criminal defense attorney, Arnie Mordkin, specializes in litigating drug-related charges. His acumen, extensive knowledge of the criminal court, and client-focused approach allow him to fight for your rights and build the strongest line of defense against drug charges.

Facing Drug Crimes in Colorado

One of the most prevalent crime charges across Colorado is drug charges. Drug convictions are penalized based on the substances’ propensity for misuse and other considerations. Punishment can include jail or prison time, mandatory drug counseling and testing, and hefty fines.

A vigorous defense, however, can get drug charges reduced and even dismissed. Snowmass Law is your trusted and powerful legal advocate against drug trafficking accusations. We have handled and represented a wide range of drug-related cases, including:

1. Drug Possession

Defendants can be charged with committing drug offenses by merely possessing illegal substances or narcotics in the area of their own control, such as in their belongings, bedroom, or the back of their vehicle. The severity of drug charges can vary depending on the type and amount of controlled substances in an individual’s possession.

2. Drug Trafficking

When defendants are accused of drug trafficking, they are accused of transporting, transferring, or distributing controlled substances and even drug paraphernalia—from bongs to syringes to rolling sheets. Their charges can escalate if the unlawful drugs in their possession are moved or transported beyond state lines.

3. Manufacturing of Drugs

In the state of Colorado, participating in any effort to create or replicate illicit drugs is considered a serious, reprehensible crime. Anyone found and accused of producing controlled substances can be charged with a drug manufacturing offense and could likely serve a lengthy period of incarceration.

4. Cultivation of Drugs

As a result of Colorado’s medical marijuana legislation, many cooperatives and shops are now given consent to cultivate their own marijuana. However, producing and selling medicinal drugs without a proper permit is considered illegal and can be interpreted as a drug manufacturing crime.

5. Selling Drugs

Drug selling carries stiffer penalties than drug possession. Drug possession with intent to sell carries a maximum sentence of years in jail. This case needs representation from an experienced attorney as the prosecution doesn’t need to prove actual drug transactions. All they need is proof that one intends to sell or give illegal drugs.

How Snowmass Law Protects Your Rights

At Snowmass Law, our attorney works hard to have your rights safeguarded throughout the entire legal process. We will listen to your story and give you the assurance you need during stressful interrogations and trials. We will challenge unlawful warrants, illegal seizures, and unreliable testimonies. Every move we make is geared towards helping you clear your reputation.

Our principal attorney, Arnie Mordkin, has handled a wide range of drug crimes—from drug possession, distribution, and anything in between. He has over two decades of experience fighting for the rights of the criminally accused. He has provided the most robust and supportive counsel and representation and helped numerous clients regain their freedom.

Snowmass Law recognizes the importance of giving our clients help during tough times. We understand that someone convicted of a crime can be locked away in prison without receiving the treatment they need to overcome drug dependency and their underlying mental condition. During your criminal case, we will discuss your treatment options and guide you through making the right decisions.

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