Criminal Defense

Snowmass Law provides exceptional legal representation for a variety of criminal cases, no matter the severity.

A criminal arrest is a frightening experience. After formal allegations are made and perhaps an uncomfortable time in jail, suddenly, your future becomes less certain. At Snowmass Law, we work hard to protect the rights of the criminally accused and make the outcome of a case more favorable.

With more than two decades of experience, we have represented clients charged with different criminal offenses. We provide aggressive legal representation and top-notch counsel. Our principal attorney, Arnie Mordkin, uses an in-depth investigative approach to take on challenging cases.

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Our Practice Areas

The hallmark of our services is our multifaceted legal representation. Our diverse background and our broad range of expertise helps us achieve successful trials, complete dismissal of charges, and many other outcomes that position you at an advantage.

We provide comprehensive legal support that allows us to advocate for you in many areas of criminal defense, including:

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1. Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

“Drunk driving” carries collateral consequences beyond lawyer fees, insurance costs, and fines. Snowmass Law is experienced in building strong defenses against DUI charges and their consequences. Whether DUI, aggravated DUI or vehicular homicide, we apply our vast experience to protect your rights and help you get the best possible results.

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2. Drug Offenses

Drug crimes can lead to hefty fines and long-term jail sentences. At Snowmass Law, we understand that getting charged with drug crimes can be life-changing in the worst way possible. To that end, we assertively and effectively defend your rights. Our criminal defense lawyer will defend you against drug possession, distribution, and sales charges.

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3. Sexual Assault

Sexual assault crimes carry heavy consequences and long-term, perhaps lifetime repercussions. If you are faced with serious sexual allegations, trust us to provide a strong defense that can help you get the best possible results. Whether against sexual contact, sexual assault, and other offenses, we will help you preserve your freedom, reputation, and future.
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4. Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases are extremely complicated. Snowmass Law is here to help you face such charges head-on. Our experienced criminal defense attorney will review all evidence presented by the prosecution and develop a solid strategy to help you fight your case, so you can keep your job, protect your freedom, and get your life back on track.
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5. Driving Charges

Serious traffic charges can threaten your driving privileges. We provide effective court representation to raise successful legal defenses against speeding tickets and other traffic violations. Our lawyer will search for evidence, including GPS records, surveillance video, or weather reports to reduce your penalty or even completely avoid charges.
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6. Felony

As one of the most trusted criminal defense attorneys in Snowmass Village and The Valley, Arnie Mordkin will defend you vigorously in the face of serious state charges and felonies. There are many defenses to challenge felony charges. From proving any violations of constitutional rights to finding inconsistencies in accusations, we will help you navigate the criminal justice system.
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7. Harassment

Harassment cases can potentially lead to long-term incarceration. At Snowmass Law, we make sure that this will not happen. We take harassment cases very seriously, no matter the circumstances and the severity of the charges. Our firm has extensive experience dealing with complex criminal charges and works tirelessly to provide strong, persuasive arguments.
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8. Juvenile Cases

We have seen firsthand how juvenile cases affect a young person’s life. Beyond saving individuals from jail sentences and other penalties that could potentially ruin their future, we also help them turn their lives around. At Snowmass Law, we provide comprehensive legal support for any juvenile-related charges. We are committed to protecting your child’s rights and future.

9. Misdemeanor Offenses

At Snowmass Law, we believe that there are no minor criminal charges. Even a misdemeanor offense can result in long-term, negative consequences. To that end, we put our best foot forward to protect your rights and reputation throughout the entire legal process—from the first appearance to trial, disposition and/or sentencing. You can rely on us to help you get on with your life and clear your reputation.

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